5 Ways To Store Fabric

DSC00329Happy Thursday guys! Sorry there was no post yesterday, but I’m back!

In the organizing and cleaning of my house, we’ve reached the impasse that I think we have all come across known as “THE WORKSHOP”. That’s right “THE WORKSHOP”. Josh and I live in a great studio apartment, and while we love the open floorplan what it does mean is that we have very little space–so we share a workshop in what I believe to normal people would be the dining room area. What this means is, our workshop is a crazy jumble of knitting, sewing, fabric, tools, 3D printers, nails, odds and ends, paint etc. It’s a little overwhelming to try an organize one dedicated crafting space, let alone one that is shared by two people!

But, lets not put the cart before the horse–which in this instance means, lets not over think things so much that I freak out. I’ve decided to start by taking it slow and getting my own clutter under control first. Which leads me to the fabric stash. I don’t know about you, but really it’s everywhere. It’s like a fabric fairy vomited all over my floor in gorgeous color! I’ve been combing the interwebs trying to find solutions that I like, and here are some of my favorite!FabricOrganization1. DIY Fabric Bolts (Home+Away with Lisa)

This is my favorite solution by far, which is to make your own fabric bolts, and then using T-pins keep them secured. I have a lot of huge lengths of fabrics (I’m pretty sure the longest unused length I have right now is 10 ft), so I think this is the best way to keep all my fabrics organized regardless of how long they are. It also looks so neat and easy to put away, and I love that the size of the bolts are customizable. A lot of people seem to use foam core, which I like the idea of–but foam core (outside of dollar tree) can be really expensive for what you’re getting so for now I am also looking into some cheaper, more sturdy alternatives.

wip fabric org2. Storage Bins (My Fabric Obsession)

This one I like, to a degree. I don’t know if I’d be capable of keeping my fabrics so neatly folded and well organized (especially since I don’t have all those gorgeous rainbow color fabrics, my fabrics tend to be a bit more boring). I also feel that in concept this looks great, but without the fabrics secured down I worry that I would reach for one and pull out the rest and everything would erupt in my hands. If I did this I would probably get opaque canvas bins, because of the inevitability of the fabric becoming messy again.

DSC003293. File Cabinet (The Thinking Closet)

I really like this idea, and think this would be fabulous for some of my lighter weight, low yardage fabrics. It would be out of sight, out of mind, and I feel like its a great take on the bolt of fabric idea. This does come with a higher cost in the beginning though, because I don’t have a filing cabinet–but if you have one I think this is a great hack to hang and store fabrics!

candle-gift-tag-014-14. Curtain Rod (Craftaholics Anonymous)

Okay, confession. I only like this way in theory but I find it pretty impractical outside of a narrow set of parameters. If you have a lot of gorgeous, and low yardage fabrics then I think this would be a gorgeous way to organize and hang your fabrics. Outside of that I just don’t think it’d work. Fabric can be so heavy that I would worry that a lot of it just hanging like that would rip the bar from the wall, and not to mention if you have really uneven lengths (especially large amounts) the fabrics wouldn’t look uniform and would probably be pretty difficult to get up on those little hanger clips. I dunno, I think its a gorgeous concept, and I definitely think it would work, but only for a very specific type of fabric stasher!

3453254062_090cf6f342_z5. Folding Fabric (turning turning)

I have been folding my fabric wrong, for. SO. LONG. I’ve always seen people with these enviously neat stacks of fabric and been like “WHY CAN’T I ACHIEVE THAT?!” Now I know!! I love this tutorial, and to be honest, its great. I think in lieu of everything up top, everybody sometimes just has stacks of folded fabric, and now I know how to fold them neatly! This is great too because it can be modified to be used into any of the methods listed above. Though, I can’t imagine how long it took to get everything folded so neatly!

Anyway, happy organizing guys!


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