Costume Blueprint: Back To The Future’s Marty McFly

Martyvest1955What with all the news about Hoverboards and next year being the FUTURE, who could resist a classic throwback costume of everyone’s favorite kid, Marty McFly? Not gonna lie, I thought he was always pretty styling! Since this is just the basic costume, I would say no it’s not going to be exactly the same as his–but with a week before Halloween who has time for that? I think it’s close enough though! You guys are on your own for the hoverboard and sneakers though :3!

1. Denim Jacket // Old Navy $35.00
2. Dark Red Crew Neck // Old Navy $5.00
3. Blue/Black + White Plaid Shirt // Old Navy $19.50
4. Red Puffer/Puffa Vest // Kohl’s $34.99
5. Blue Jeans (make sure they are not skinny) // Old Navy $24.50
Total: $119

On a random note, aren’t red puffer vests every where this season!? I think people are prepping for the FUTURE, no joke. This particular blueprint is actually extremely easy, because I managed to find almost everything at one location! WHAT? Old Navy actually has a red puffer vest as well–but online the color seemed a little weird, so I went for a Kohl’s one to show. The Old Navy one is the same price though! The plaid shirt is close enough, and so is that jean jacket. Remember to roll the cuff up!

You know what? I think I’m going to go home and watch this again tonight, who’s with me?!


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