Costume Blueprint: Big Bang Theory’s Howard & Bernadette

THE BIG BANG THEORYIt’s the week before Halloween? What can I say? More blueprints! I’m an avid watcher of The Big Bang Theory, and TBH Amy & Sheldon, and Howard + Bernadette are my favorite couples to watch! I’ve been toying with getting a closet cosplay of Howard and Bernadette for awhile and so I sat down to give it a shot. Overall I noticed that if you’re going as Howard the formula is generally bright colors, plaid shirt over a turtleneck shirt, obnoxious belt buckle, and tight pants–usually also colorful.

1. Slim Fit Plaid Shirt// Old Navy $11.99
2. Turtleneck// Land’s End $9.99
3. Slim Fit Pants// Old Navy $34.50
4. Belt Buckle// Amazon $24.99
5. Blue Jeans (make sure they are skinny) // Old Navy $24.50
Total: $106

Bernadette seems to thrive on pretty print dresses with a flared skirt, black tights, and a matching cardigan (and her perfectly coiffed hair of course)! She also is pretty colorful, but always demure and lady-like!

1. Bright Matching Cardigan // H&M $14.95
2. Flared Floral Dress // ModCloth $49.99
3. Glasses // Amazon $6.47
4. Black Tights // Target $10.00
Total: $81

I say mix and match and you’re bound to have fun with them! I would suggest for Bernadette possibly buying a size down for her cardigans because they are tight and fitted–and make sure to push your sleeves up to your elbow!


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