Costume Blueprint: The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon & Amy

The Big Bang TheoryTo continue the Blueprints, I couldn’t neglect everyone’s favorite couple (sorry Penny and Leonard :3). Not gonna lie when the first episode trolled me with Sheldon saying coitus, I screamed a little. I should have known! Anyway, looking at Sheldon, our boys love layers and long sleeve shirts! To dress like DOCTOR Sheldon Cooper, all you need is a long sleeve shirt pushed up to the elbows, under a graphic tee (his most famous being the flash shirt), with slim/straight leg chinos (just not Howard Tight), typically in neutral basic colors like browns and greys.

1. Graphic Tee // Hot Topic $16.00
2. Slim Chinos/Khakhis // H&M $19.95
3. Contrasting Colored Long Sleeve Shirt // Old Navy $9.50
4. Sheldon’s Personality // PRICELESS
Total: $45.45

For his lady love…okay that’s definitely a hyperbole but lets go for it–Amy also loves her layers. She wears a knee length, baggy pencil skirt (typically in khaki or dark colors), with a over-sized cardigan, typically buttoned over a patterned long sleeve collared shirt and a scoop necked undershirt. She also typically has tights on as well :). Wow ….they all kinda dress the same don’t they? When in doubt, LAYERS!

1. Pencil Skirt // Old Navy $27.00
2. Red Frame Glasses // Amazon $7.99
3. Black Tights // Target $10.00
4. Colored Shirt // Old Navy $5.00
5. Baggy Cardigan // Kohls $31.99
6. Patterned Long Sleeve Shirt // H&M $29.95
Total: $111.93

I had a pretty hard time finding Amy’s clothes, she wears pretty dated silhouettes–so really I think the best thing to do for Amy is go crazy in Good Will. Cheap + you’ll definitely find those silhouettes! So all in all…with Sheldon keep it stream-lined and simple. Perfect posture as well! For Amy? Well….layers, ill-fit baggy clothes, with a slightly dated feel. Make sure to slouch when you’re wearing Amy too!


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