Vendor: Hot Topic


First of all lets just say that its the day before Halloween! I’m sure a bunch of you guys are super ready and set for tomorrow, and I’m sure that some of you are not. So I decided to share a great resource for last minute costumes and even geekery–Hot Topic.

Sherlock is that your coat?

Sherlock is that your coat?

That’s right, now before you judge me I walked into Hot Topic last night and they are running a pretty sweet sale on the whole store right now. They also have a great variety of product out–including some super cute Halloween costumes! I actually found the quality was not bad, and with buy one get one free its pretty great. I was in there picking up an elbow length glove for a cosplay–but I was really impressed by their Sherlock coat that I found! It may take a little digging, because all there stuff is jammed really tightly together–but once you get over the overload you can see all the other great options!

I will add though that Hot Topic is probably a better place to find great costumes for dudes, because they had great options for Doctor Who, Sherlock, Marvel & DC. The girls tended to get the Sexy—“FILL IN BLANK” treatment for most of the costumes, but the merchandise in there is cute! I guess at some point Hot Topic became much more anime/geeky/comicy then I remember!


I’ve always liked these hoodies :3! Ingenious!



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