I hope you guys all have fun tonight! No costume post from me today, because quite frankly if you’re not ready for it, there’s little I can do for you. I unfortunately am not as cool as Obi-Wan Kenobi, so I would make a terrible only hope–but I digress! What are y’all planning?! Regardless I hope you guys stay safe and make smart choices! If you meet a slutty pumpkin, please….MAKE SURE YOU KEEP HER #. If you find out your friends all dressed up as the Flash, despite agreeing to go as the Justice League–well…sharing is caring?

Me? I’m wearing a frazzled cosplayer-trying-to-get-her-cosplay-done-in-time-for-PMX-wearing-her-pajamas costume. No seriously though, I love giving out candy and seeing how ingenious children’s costumes can be! Every year there is a serious STANDOUT costume and I just want to be like “YOU GUYS GET A GOLD STAR FOR INGENUITY AND CREATIVITY AND SHEER AWESOMENESS.” Don’t worry I’ll be one of those cool houses that give out the good candies–no lollipops and weird hard candies from me! Snickers and Kitkats and Reeses and just glorious chocolate!!

Random note, spiderdog anyone? HILARIOUS. I may go home and watch that again on repeat. CANNOT WAIT FOR TRICK OR TREATING TO START. I play for the Treat side, how about y’alls?

P.S. I decided to not go to Comikaze this year, but if you guys are going have so much fun!!!
P.S.2. But if you really need some quick costume ideas you can check out my blueprints here ^O^!


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