Good morning guys! I hope you all enjoyed time traveling yesterday, for those of you with Daylight Savings Time! I mean…I was asleep, but I’M SURE IT WAS AWESOME. I seriously can’t believe it’s already November, I swear I say that every month but I’m starting to think that as we grow older time really does start to fly! As a side note, I LOVE the holidays, its my favorite time of the year! I love all the cheeriness and the Christmas songs–and now that it’s my second Holiday season after I quit retail I can say that I’M BACK. Last year I was recuperating, but this year–oh my god am I ready! STARBUCKS HOLIDAY DRINKS ARE COMING *^*, and I. AM. READY.

But, I am majorly rambling at this point! I hope you guys had a wonderful Halloween! I have gone back to my good ol’ progress on Yoko, in preparation for PMX this weekend. I’ve been trucking along so look at all my shiny progress! bootsThese boots have been a little bit nerve-wracking, and a reminder on why I absolutely love cosplay! Just when you think you know what you’re doing, you always find that…no…NO YOU REALLY DON’T! I actually modified these from a knee high wedge boot, so you can see that I cut the wedge into a heel, and repainted it. I also reconstructed the top so it would have that rim that Yoko’s has. The zipper pull is printed, and the zippers themselves are modified from these awesome ones from OrgXIII. Never fear there will be a tutorial coming on this boot, but probably after PMX. I have been snapping pictures along the way so huzzah!

And to Josh’s progress on the rifle! We’ve come far enough so that now he is doing all the little finicky touches–unfortunately PMX is a little bit close of a deadline for us, so we’re treating it as a test run! The true debut of Yoko is probably going to be ALA with Kamina, so we’ll be improving it still along the way!scopeThis is the shot of the lensens on Yoko’s rifle, and MY FOOT. As you can see we have a lot of blue ABS…oh hi Pocahontas necklaces! Once we have more time Josh will be uploading all the print files that we created for Yoko’s rifle so you can build your own too if you want :)! And who doesn’t want Yoko’s rifle? We’ve already been debating on where to hang it in our apartment!clipLast but not least, Josh also finished up the clip! It can actually lock in and be removed, and I believe it was the last major piece he did on the rifle The trigger does move, which is always fun! I think that after tonight we’ll be in sanding and priming and painting stages! Hopefully the weather holds out because we don’t have a garage :3!


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