My Weekend in Pictures

IMG_20141031_174403Hello again! I realize that I should have posted this yesterday, but man was I excited to share progress. (That and last night we were too tired, so I forgot to send myself the progress shots of our work). My absolute favorite Halloween costume that I saw this year was this little girl’s Astrid costume from How To Train Your Dragon. That dragon? Amazing! I was totally like, you are WINNING!!! I think she’s kind of an inspiration–yeah that’s right, I want to make a cool Astrid costume now too! It really shows the dedication that some people put into their Halloween costumes, and you know I love when people get crafty :3!IMG_20141031_141059I also went shopping for some groceries earlier that day, and guys—KIRITO FROM SWORD ART ONLINE WAS MY CASHIER. I mean, Halloween is just AMAZING. It would have been great if there was an Asuna running around IMO, but I literally ran into the grocery store and bought groceries just so I could snap this shot! IMG_20141101_163535In life news, I traded in my Mini lease for a brand new 2015 Mini, and the reason why I’m oversharing this little tidbit, is well….It’s name is Infinite Justice :3. My original Mini was a red with white hardtop which I fondly called Justice, and this version is the Infinite Justice! For those that are like–what is she rambling about, I named my car after the Gundams from Gundam Seed! I’m planning on getting a pink wrap someday and calling her Strike Rouge. IMG_20141102_114039And last but not least, in celebration of getting a British car, we went and found a tea shop that serves true British tea for brunch. The pumpkin scones were AMAZING, and clotted cream is my new favorite. TBH I felt like I was living the first chapter of Antique Bakery, because thats what she orders *O*! If you’re in the Irvine area, Coffee, Tea and Tulips in Mission Viejo. AMAZING! Though you may need to make reservations :3.

Oh yeah, I just started an Instagram, so feel free to check it out! I’m still trying to figure it out but I post mostly random escapades from my life! I warn you it will have geekery, food, and cosplay!


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