Progess and Hot Glue

20141104_213939_resizedMorning! We’ve been steadily working on Yoko, trying to get her done in time for Saturday. The rifle is in its finishing stages, but we are a bit worried because we are pressed for time! I’m just finishing up odds and ends and spent yesterday battling with my long time frenemy-hot glue! For Yoko’s belt I ended up using an old belt I had lying around and cut it to size, then I used tacky glue and some white pleather upholstery fabric to cover the top of the belt. Now I’m just using hot glue to place on the studs (and may I say I have actually never owned anything this studded before? I felt like those cool punk girls from when I was a teenager who shopped at Hot Topic and had crazy hair colors).

Needless to say, I hate hot glue, and yet I love it! I don’t know if its just me, but seriously every time I have worked with this crazy glue I have ended up burning myself–which is a drag. Depending on how badly, the burn can lost a long time. My little brother in fact has a crazy scar on his knee from an incident he had with hot glue when he was a child! I understand why its so easy to use, it does bond pretty well and is useful in a pinch–but I find that it’s really just a last resort for me. If I can find anything else to use, I usually try and use other glues (in fact we have a pretty scary glue drawer at our house, tons and tons of varieties of glues). Hot-Glue-Gun

Just make sure to treat a hot glue burn like any other burn, or it can leave a scar! In fact I’m guilty of not taking care of it appropriately out of lack of knowledge so I went and did some research today! If you do get burned immediately run it under cold water or plunge it into cold water until the burning sensation goes away. Don’t try and rub off the glue until it is completely cool or you may pull off skin. Then put Neosporin and a band aid on! For a more in depth overview you can go to this article at eHow!

Happy crafting! I go back to do battle with the best frenemy tonight and the studs should all be done! Then no more hot glue until next time, when we meet again!


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