Big Hero 6

big-hero-6-movie-sharedWho else saw Big Hero 6 this weekend?! I’ve been waiting to see this for such a long time, and been really super intrigued! Disney had been pretty hush hush over what the hell the movie was about, aside from ‘young superheroes based in San Fransokyo, based on obscure Marvel comic”. Needless to say, it was. AMAZING. I highly recommend the film–I laughed, I cried, I fangirled!

I’m not going to spoil the movie, but I am going to say that it’s a great movie to take children to see. It has a great message, and really makes learning and creativity COOL. Baymax (the huggable white robot) totally stole the show in my book, but all the characters were extremely likable. Not to mention, despite the humor and the fun and the superhero antics, it dealt with some pretty hard hitting stuff!

Either way I found this movie successful, because it was fun–and the superheroes were SMART. They used their intelligence to get themselves out of situations, and you know its cool to see the smart nerds and geeks and scientists be super heroes kicking ass! As I read from another critics review (whom I can’t remember), I consider it a success if during the movie a young boy leans over and says, ” I WANT TO GO TO COLLEGE”.

Go see it, it’s totally worth it!


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