A Teeny Tiny Update

So, I didn’t get Yoko done in time for PMX, I ended up calling it last Wednesday–but really I think it’s for the best :), which I’m proud of that I can say. When I put everything into consideration, I realized that it wasn’t worth the stress, and the inevitable downward spiral to try and get Yoko done in time! So I wore Ms. Marvel instead, look forward to some awesome shots soon! Really though, I mean who isn’t excited about Captain Marvel!?

I think this is the last time I’m wearing my beloved Superheroine until I can remake her, because she was one of my first cosplays that I ever made (definitely the first time I worked with stretch), and it’s showing!20141110_224950_resizedOn a random note, I don’t get much progress done on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday–it’s helped me get a grip on my life to think of those days as my main chore/life days–so most of the progress you’ll get from me will be on Tuesday, Thursday and the weekend! Josh still made progress though so here you go! In the above picture, we’re currently testing out the resin we have on some scrap pieces–just to make sure the resin will work well. For the rifle, we have used poplar, MDF, and ABS plastic so we wanted to make sure it would all work before starting to resin the whole prop. Then after resin, it’ll be prime and paint! Oh yes, with lots of sanding I’m sure!20141110_225612_resizedAnd here is a shot of a super secret project that Josh has been planning and sourcing for a whole year now! We’ve finally entered the production stages of the project, and I seriously can’t wait to share it with you guys when it’s all done–warning it’s going to be amazing!!! Here he’s testing the stepper motor driver to see if it works, and good news is, IT DOES.


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