Planning for 2015

PMX is usually the end of the year’s con season for me as my next con is ALA, which I like! It lets me truly enjoy the holidays without losing my mind with cosplay, and focus on relaxing and just spending time with people that I honestly think that I don’t spend enough time with through out the year! That being said its also a time for Josh and I to start kind of planning our attempts for next year, and really I think out of our grandiose plans we do manage to get about 10% of them done :)! I usually change my mind half way through the year any way :3. Yoko and Kamina are pretty much on their way to completion, but I figured I’d throw them in since they’re technically debuting next year anyway!

A lot of these cosplays have been in the works for awhile for us (meaning they’re already lying about in various stages of completion about the workshop), but since we’re getting married next May and paying for most of of it ourselves; I saw it as a great opportunity to cosplay while keeping costs down and clearing out my stash!

What about you guys? Anybody else already tentatively planning their next year?


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