The Rumblings of New Projects on the Horizon

20141112_221133_resizedYoko progress has slowed in a sense, in that now we’re just doing little touches here and there that require long wait times (they weren’t kidding when they said that paint drying takes FOREVER)! So in the mean time, being that we’re workaholics and the idea of just sitting there and twiddling our thumbs drove the both of us insane–we’ve started work on our projects for next year. While the paint was drying, we started Pepakuraing (that’s a word right?!)

We’ve both attempted Pepakura before, once–and that didn’t turn out so well. This time though we both tackled it one more time, with far better research done and it went a lot better! Inevitably I glued my fingers together after taking off the glove I was using–but who hasn’t done that before?! Fun tip? You can use Nail Polish Remover to help remove the super glue from your fingers!

I found these two tutorials the most helpful, here and here. I ended up using superglue to join the paper–because well…we all know my personal issues with hot glue. Though this low temp hot glue gun that he mentions is very intriguing!


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