To Sew or Not to Sew?

I’ve mentioned this before, but Josh and I are getting married next May, and inevitably the question that I have been asked the most is–“Are you making your wedding dress?”

My response is a big fat, N-O. In fact, some times its a HELL. TO. THE. NO. Now there really are several reasons for this, and while I know that I am fully capable of making my own wedding dress–well, the main reason why I don’t really want to is because I just don’t. Just kidding. The main reason really is that as a cosplayer, I’ve had to make all my pretty dresses and awesome costumes, and while I love the creative process–just this one time I would love to be able to wear something pretty and expensive and delicate that I didn’t have to make. Not to mention, the stress of making my wedding dress would just be overwhelming–in so many ways! There are so many lovely wedding dresses out there, gorgeous, made of so many different delicate and luxurious fabrics–that I just saw it as a waste of time. TBH, I’d much rather be spending that time on making costumes (the real motive!).

Besides, when else can I have the excuse to try on dresses that are that expensive and luxurious? Beads! Lace! Silk! The feeling of trying on dresses and the feeling that I got when I tried on the one? Priceless. Sharing that moment with my friends and family, and most especially my Mother? Amazing. I don’t regret not making my dress, not once.

But here’s the kicker. I lied a little bit. No I’m not making my wedding dress, but I am making ONE OF MY wedding dresses. That’s right–you heard me! For Chinese culture, it is very much tradition for a bride to change several times during the reception, and I am fully determined to do so. No, it won’t be the two-three-four times that I’ve seen before, because I don’t have the budget and even my own practicality balks at it a bit; but I will be changing once into a dress that I am going to make. But you just said? I know I know, you can take the girl out of crafting, but you can’t take the crafter out of the girl! il_fullxfull.490963425_pqflWhy am I telling you guy’s this? Well honestly, it’s because this weekend was a blur of just running around and not getting much done leaving me with absolutely nothing to talk about. Mostly I wanted to share the journey with you, I am very nervous about making the reception dress, but to be honest I’m not as stressed as I would be if I were making the main dress! I will be starting with a pattern found here, and hopefully end up with something similar to the picture below…hopefully!redweddingqipaaoo


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