Research and Progress: Ironman

So this past weekend, Josh and I made a point to stop by one of our favorite places of all time-Disneyland. We’re very lucky to be annual passholders, and it’s also great whenever we can use those for our hobbies! In this case we scooted on over to Innoventions where they have the Ironman exhibit–which is SUPER COOL. 20141116_190844_resizedWe’d gone there before, but this time we were trying to figure out the scale of the Ironman suit because one of the hardest challenges for any project IMO is appropriate scaling. Needless to say it may or may not have worked :’D!! Here you can see various shots of us trying different ways to help figure out scale.  See that Ironman? He is SO NOT AMUSED BY THE 25 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS.20141116_191254_resizedAnother shot trying to use my hand as point of reference. That or trying to hold it’s hand :P! In the end, I dunno if its going to work but it was a great excuse to hightail it to Disneyland! Disneyland at the Holidays is just the best! We’re really starting to get the hang of the Pepakura though! I was giggling because I felt like I was wearing Cerebro more then the Ironman helmet. We’re also just trying to get the scale done because it just seems a bit large…but I find that a lot of cosplay seems to appear that way until you get everything else done!20141117_232230_resized


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