Happy December + Yoko Rifle Progress

Happy Thanksgiving!

I know that’s belated, and I am so sorry that I have neglected this blog the last couple of weeks. We have been recharging, so to be honest I didn’t have much to post for you guys! Now, I DO THOUGH! It’s already December, which means progress is ramping up for ALA 2015! The debut con of the year! I don’t have much planned really to debut other then Yoko and Kamina. If I feel really ambitious I may bust out a Sailor Mars because I have a friend who has a small Sailor group ^O^!imagejpeg_mJosh has also finally entered the stage of priming and prepping for paint, and it looks so much cooler in the primer stage! This is only the first layer of primer and sanding–so we’ve got a couple more to go! Its starting to look pretty cool right?

Also if you need some wigs Arda Wigs is doing 20% off in stock wigs for Cyber Monday! I’m not sure if there are any left (because you know those crazy shoppers!), but it’s worth checking out! The code is 20k14.


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