Cloaks and Rain Days!

I wish I had a better camera and could take a picture for you all, but it’s storm raining here and I. LOVE. IT. Over here in California we’ve been needing rain so much, not to mention I’ve always just LOVED rainy days. There’s something so cozy and yet whimsical about them. Of course I say this sitting at my desk, after having just completed my morning commute and all I can say is stay safe on the road friends20141201_135850On another random note, winter and rainy days were totally made for soft and cuddly crafting! I’ve been working on a stash-buster granny square blanket on and off, and been pretty happy with how it’s coming out! I find granny squares pretty therapeutic :3.

As I’m just finishing little things here and there on Yoko, I won’t be boring you with my progress shots anymore! Instead I’ve moved on to working on Kamina–and with that being said, its impossible not to start with his cloak! I followed a fellow blogger-SAAS’s-tutorial on making a half circle cloak and it was simple and easy! I decided to go with the half circle because Kamina’s cloak doesn’t really have all that much fabric to it, IMO. I’m actually a little bit concerned that even the half circle has too much bulk!20141201_221540Speaking of cloaks, I chose to use a Microsuede that I got on discount at Joanns. I found it in the upholstery section because I was looking for something that had a more weight then the standard apparel suede they have. Which brings me to my point–when it comes to Cloaks and capes, I strongly advice against using anything too ‘light weight’ because cloaks really look the best when they have a certain amount of heaviness to them to help keep the fabric down and help in giving that gorgeous drape you think of when you think cloak! In my opinion that is why costume satin (the cheap kind that is only like a dollar a yard) looks so bad when used in a cloak form because it doesn’t look or feel right. Cloaks started off as outerwear, and so I personally feel like it looks impractical to have a flimsy looking cloak.


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