Kamina Cloak Evolution-THE MAKING!

Good Morning Lovelies!

We have made it through the rain (to quote Mariah Carey ;3)! Not only that I have been making just oodles of progress on Kamina’s cloak. I’d been thinking of how to go about it the whole time I was working on Yoko, so I’m quite excited that it’s coming together so quickly. Because I was snapping pictures as I went along, I decided today to take you along with me on the evolution of Kamina’s cloak–well most of his cloak. It’s like a tour, but with your MIND.20141202_235320_resized1. First we scaled the Dai-Gurren logo and printed it out. Below you can see me putting it together like a Jigsaw puzzle, which btw. I managed to win! That thing is a whopping 22 inches from top to bottom, and scaled to Josh who is 6 ft. 20141202_184925_resized2. Because the logo was soooo ginormous, I did a quick pin of it to the cloak while Josh was wearing it, and checked it against a couple reference shots we had. Yes. It really is that big on Kamina’s cloak–but then I mean he’s totally larger then life so it makes sense in a way. 20141202_2026133. After that I laid it out on my leather and just went ahead and traced the logo onto the leather with a pen before cutting it out.20141202_205228_resized4. I went ahead and spent an embarassingly long amount of time positioning it and trying to center it on the cloak, tested it out on Josh one more time while Josh kept saying–“Please don’t pin me or my shirt”. I did not pin him, the shirt was not so lucky.20141202_221118_resized5. Then I tacky sprayed the back of the leather and carefully placed it on the cloak following the chalk mark guides I had drawn on. It took us two tries but we got it at last! Then using pins I tacked down the points just for added security (blasphemy! but you know, I was tired and it worked), before sewing it down along the edges. 20141202_234612_resizedAt this point it was midnight, so I just did a quick cut out of some leftover white to see what it would look like. Tonight I’ll probably be tackling that behemoth and figuring out those flames along the cloak! Needless to say I’m quite happy with how fast the cloak is coming together. For those curious, the red is a red upholstery weight microsuede/ultrasuede, the black is leather from Tandy, and the white is leftover pleather from Yoko’s boots! All of those were purchased on sale, because a. Joann’s always has sales, and b. BLACK FRIDAY.


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