Combat Radio Charity Breakfast Event

Good Morning everyone!

I hope the first weekend of December was FABULOUS for y’alls! I had a great (if tiring weekend), but you know what? TOTALLY WORTH IT! Josh and I were lucky enough to be able to participate in the annual Charity Breakfast that Combat Radio hosts for homeless children–and it was a blast being surrounded by so many people who were just so enthusiastic about giving back to the community–(not to mention just awe-inspiring makers and crafters *O*).20141206_073710We were up super early, before the buttcrack of dawn getting ready to make it in time, but we did! It was such a great event that we’re definitely going to take part next year :3. It was so worth it to see how excited the kids were to see Pocahontas! Not gonna lie, it makes me happy when people recognize Pocahontas–she’s one of older Princesses and it’s hard to compete against Anna and Elsa :3. Next year we’re definitely going to help out again, but we’re trying to decide what to make ourselves! ^O^! I need more kid-friendly cosplays  8D!

We also stayed after to help out with our friends Batman shoot, which I think was pretty epic! That batcycle was all built by Lionel Lum. I can’t wait to see the finished shots from the shoot :3. It’s made me really want to cosplay Batgirl again!20141206_161738


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