That Cosplay OCD!

600px-Gekkan-shoujo-nozakikun_heightchartI took a break from working on Yoko and Kamina, and after realizing I already had an orange wig lying around the house decided to throw all my carefully laid plans to the wind and throw in a Nozaki-kun cosplay for ALA! Did anyone else watch that show? I laughed SO HARD, the show is just HILARIOUS. Josh and I were rolling on the floor the whole time!imagejpeg_0nThis wig, started out as a Luthien in Pumpkin, which I straightened with a flat iron and then cut. I tried something else new out this time for styling the wig, and put my wig cap + wig on, then had Josh measure the length I needed to cut (center back, bangs, long bang) and then pinned the wig back onto the mannequin head and pinned the measuring tape to the top center of the wig. I always cut about an inch longer then I thinned and trimmed as needed. I still need to curl the bangs, and thin out the back a little bit more! The ribbons are also too small, as I got impatient and just made them really quickly :3.imagejpeg_0lAlso FABRIC. I’m switching gears back to Gurren Lagann tonight, but I just thought I’d share! My dream is to find a two seater bike to do a Nozaki-kun shoot on roflmao~~~!


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