5 Stocking Stuffers for Sewers

With Christmas coming up there’s always the question of WTF do I buy for the person who has everything or nothing or some things?! If you have a sewer in your life here are 5 stocking stuffers that I don’t think would ever be denied! I decided to pick things that I always wish I had more of, or find myself constantly searching for around my house. All of them are under $10 and you can find them at Joanns or Amazon (I made sure to pick listings with Prime)!pins1. Sewing Pins

I always buy the pins labeled for Quilters because they are longer and I find more useful then the short pins they typically market towards sewing clothes. I also always buy the jumbo packs of about 500+ because the teeny tiny packs of 100 aren’t really worth it for the price IMO! Inevitably I also think every sewer runs into a project where they, GASP, run out of pins so I think this is always a practical and useful gift!ruler2. See Through Ruler

I have two, and want more! These are fabulous and just SO USEFUL for marking seam allowances. Seriously, I don’t know how I managed to exist before learning how to use these!chalk3. Tailor’s Chalk

Also an invaluable tool for marking on fabric and patterning. I’m constantly losing these as they’re so small, so it’s always useful to have extra on hand! I like that this pack comes with white for dark fabrics and blue for light fabrics!seam ripper4. Seam Ripper

Another thing that I am constantly losing, and yet INVALUABLE. I only have one of these, but I swear I use this tool far more then I should probably admit. At least 2x per project because hey, no ones perfect (especially the night right before con). measuring tape5. Tape Measure

Another item that every sewer should have in their arsenal. I don’t use this as much as the other items, but I use it enough so that I have three or four lying around. These are super important and versatile, beyond sewing. They are INVALUABLE for cloaks and circle skirts too!


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