Testing 1.2.3?

I decided to have fun yesterday and throw together a quick cos-test for Chiyo and Yoko. For Chiyo I need to make her whole uniform (aaah pleated skirt), so I just threw on a white shirt I had and Rin’s pleated skirt :3.20141215_190150For Yoko I’m pretty excited because I’m pretty much done! The only things that we’re working on now is her bracelets and finishing up her rifle :3. These are actually Josh’ domain since the bracelets are being printed, and he’s finishing up the rifle so I’ve really moved to focus on Kamina! I’m hoping to get everything done by next Saturday though because I’ve arranged a location shoot with my close friend, Harvestbuddy! yoko….in other news….MUST STAY STRONG AND KEEP MY DIET GOING STEADY FOR YOKO! As you can see I fell off the wagon a bit :3. For those who are curious, I haven’t posted the second half of the Yoko Bikini tutorial mainly because I want to make sure it works :’D. The method I used caused me a tiny bit of concern regarding the holding ability so I decided to wear it out at con and at a shoot before posting the rest of the tutorial!


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