5 Gift Cards for Cosplayers

As the radio said this morning, Xmas is only 8 days away-EIGHT GUYS. SO START PANICKING. Just kidding :3. I thought I’d share some more gift ideas–this time for Cosplayers, because sometimes that’s all you can really think of to get people! I also like using gift cards as a fall back because they can always be so useful, and as long as you give them enough to actually buy something!

Luckily Cosplay is such a crazy diverse hobby that you could get them a gift card to almost anything crafty and it’d work! The ones I have listed are fairly generic, so if you know say a cosplayer who LOVES leathercraft I would get them a gift card from Tandy Leather!joann-fabrics-veterans-day-coupon1. Fabric | General Crafts Store: Michaels, Joanns, Discount Fabric Store–the possibilities are endless!2000px-TheHomeDepot.svg2. Home Depot | Lowes: For all your prop making needs.sephora-logo3. Sephora | Ulta: Every cosplayer has make up in their arsenal–even if they don’t usually wear make-up I know most cosplayers wear it for their hobby!logo4. Arda Wigs | EpicCosplay: A necessity when it comes to cosplay, and wigs can be pretty pricey.amazon-cover_w_5005. Amazon: I buy a lot of supplies off Amazon, and they’re a great resource if you don’t have access to as many brick and mortar stores.


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