2015: My Year to Face Fear

Good morning everyone, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

First off, and most importantly–thanks for hanging in there with me this past year and I look forward to seeing what we can do this year! You guys are the best!

I took a break during the Holidays because a. it was crazy and b. I wanted to focus on spending time with my family. I also did it because I was grappling with what to do with this blog because I mainly post about cosplay. The reason I bring this up is because in May, Josh and I are getting married and we are paying for most of it on our own. That being said we don’t really have the extra money any more for me to devote to cosplay in the same way, so I struggled with what to do with this blog and how to go about it. But I finally came to the realization that this blog was meant to be about helping people make things–it doesn’t matter if its about cosplay or anything else!

So in short, the blog posts may be changing a bit–I will definitely keep cosplaying, but now you will also be seeing more posts about weddings and DIY things to do with the wedding–because really, why wouldn’t we make things for our own wedding? We’re makers and crafters and doers, to not do so would go against our grain!

Resolution wise, I’ve decided this year will be my year to face fear. Last year I decided to try new things, things that were out of my comfort zone and I think it went pretty well. This year I’ve decided to face fear, and not let fear guide my decisions anymore! Its terrifying and exhilarating, because when I realize how much I haven’t done because of fear its truly startling. Let’s see what this year brings us all, and to be honest? I have a great feeling about this year, and I hope its a good one for all of us!

Cheers, and I can’t wait to get started!


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