Our Venue: The Fullerton Arboretum

Good morning beautiful people you! I hope you guys are all doing great, me? Well I’ve finally managed to come down with the SICKNESS (as I shall term it), so instead of my morning tea, I am enjoying my morning Theraflu! 20150103_143302Anyway, let’s talk venues. The first thing I bought once I got engaged, was my wedding dress because clearly–that’s objective Numero UNO.  Second most important decision for us though was picking out our Venue. Let’s be honest picking a great budget venue is HARD–probably even harder then THE DRESS, because you have two people’s opinion to consider; that, and the venue really sets the tone for everything else you’ll be doing later on. The Fullerton Arboretum turned out to be not as budget as we were hoping for, but the minute we both walked in it was love at first sight (I MEAN LOOK AT THAT ADORABLE LITTLE HOUSE).  Admittedly it is an outdoor location, and to be honest, the rental coordinator has been exceedingly rude and difficult to work with but I’m learning to do as Elsa does and just LET IT GO! If everything is perfect–something is CLEARLY NOT RIGHT. Pinch yourself, PINCH YOURSELF RIGHT NOW.

20150103_143552Anyway, we ran over there this weekend, to finally get a good look at it and take some measurements after not seeing it in 6 months–so I thought it’d be nice to share with y’alls. This is the waterfall that greets visitors and guests as you walk into the Arboretum crossing a wooden bridge! It really sets the tone for people as they enter the park, like you’re being transported to a whole different place.20150103_141937And this is the where the ceremony will be held! Right now that whole wisteria arbor is hibernating, but you can see how covered it is! The ceremony will be right in front of that gorgeous tree, and all the guests should hopefully fit in that arbor. Right now we’re really debating on what type of aisle runner to use, and whether or not to decorate the inside of the arbor :3.20150103_143345And here is the location of the reception! It’s just steps away from the arbor, and technically the backyard to that little yellow house you saw in the beginning of my post! Its just a flat grassy expanse of land surrounded by orange trees, so it smells truly lovely. I jokingly call the little yellow house the Up house in my head, and that may or may not have sold us to the idea of the Arboretum as well.20150103_144706And last but not least, no trip to Fullerton is complete without a stop at this AMAZING food location Rutabegorz. If you haven’t tried their Cockie Leeky soup, you haven’t lived. Not really, but SERIOUSLY they’re food is tasty! ❤


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