Photoshoot Location: Hawk Canyon

Good morning again you guys!20141227_143225During the holiday weekend, Josh and I went on a day trip with some friends over to Hawk Canyon in the Anza Borrego State Park to do a location shoot for Yoko and Dark Souls. Its about 2 hours south of Irvine, between San Diego and Orange County. The location itself is BEAUTIFUL, but as a disclaimer–COLD. So totally worth it though! Hawk Canyon is remote, and moderately easy to find, but hiking through the canyon and into it I would definitely not suggest anything burdensome, heavy or too large. A lot of the canyon is very tight and difficult to maneuver! 20141227_155921It is full of beautiful locations to shoot that are pretty majestic, but I could see how it could be difficult to shoot. There isn’t a lot of room to work with in some of those areas! As a warning, be careful when driving and parking. The sand there is very soft and we saw several people who got their cars stuck in the sand and needed help being pushed out!20141227_152210Look at how cool RQcos and Harvestbuddy look! They have an instagram, so you can follow them over there :3!


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