5 Dessert Bars: Oh the possibilities!

Good morning!

The wedding posts. are. coming. Are you excited? BECAUSE I SURE KNOW I AM!!! All the decisions are made, and deposits. I’m going cake testing this weekend-and no YOU CANNOT TAKE THIS AWAY FROM ME. I SHALL EAT CAKE AND I SHALL ENJOY IT. Which brings me to today’s post–what on earth am I gonna do for our desserts? I like cake, I like cake a lot and yet I’m not feeling that traditional cake set up thing. I think I’ll do a small cake, but the other possibilities are just SO MUCH FUN!!

1. Donut BarDonut-bar (1)So yeah–WHO DOESN’T LIKE DONUTS?! We’re having a brunch wedding and this is just so much fun and relaxed! I think it’d be FABULOUS! Pic found here.

2. Donut Holes6a010536b5fc3d970c01901e776cdc970b-500wiI love the idea of packaging up in little cones for people, or skewers. It’d be nice to have an ice coffee / choco milk / milk station set up alongside to! It may be fun to have both! I definitely believe in variety and finger foods. Original post found on Ruffled.

3. Milk and Cookie BarmilkandcookiebarIn concept we love this–practically not so much. As we are having a brunch wedding this would be out noonish, and the biggest sell on doing a Milk and Cookies bar is really the adorable packaging of the milk. To display the milk out in the sun makes me feel a little bit nervous–but also…even though I get the concept of Milk and Cookies, confession…I don’t think I’ve ever actually had them together >^<! That and most of my side of the family (including me) is lactose intolerant. Lol~! Still, a super adorable concept! Very wholesome and sweet. Found on Weddingchicks!

4. Traditional Dessert Barwedding-candy-barTo be honest, I’m leaning towards this. I love so  many things that I think it would be fun to have a little bit of everything! I’ve already decided that I love naked cakes, and would rather get 2-3 smaller ones then a big one if neccessary. Macaron’s are the dessert love of my life and the option for the guest to choose on their own is great!

5. ROOT. BEER. FLOAT. BAR.root_beer_floatsAs you can see this I am hysterically excited about. The idea of a ROOT BEER FLOAT BAR. I think it’s a great and casual way to end the wedding, super unfussy, but super DELISH. Ugh brunch finished off with root beer float?! AMAZING. I love how they did it in this picture as well! Oh. The. POSSIBILITIES!

Is it obvious I care more about dessert then food?


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