Final Fantasy Wedding Cosplay

Guys, I have a serious question. Would it be weird to cosplay a bride after you become married? Lol, these are the things I think about! Either way, I thought I’d share two of my absolutely favorite geeky bridal dresses because, I’m a bride and that’s what I think about! No really though, I’ve been wanting for a long ass time to finally make these two dresses, but the undertaking just seemed so overwhelming! This may be the year though–or it may not! We’ll see where I stand this time in July when I’m fresh off the wedding and honeymoon with extraneous spending money again (not really, oh hi debt, we meet again! It’s funny how you pop up every time I go about trying to avoid you.)

They’re all so beautiful *O*! I also deeply LOVE Yuna–probably my fave FF girl, and X is probably my favorite all around Final Fantasy game! Final Fantasy XII’s Ashe just has GORGEOUS designs–but I really need to try the game out again. I’ve tried it a few times but couldn’t get into it >^<! Definitely read the manga though :)!

Cosplayers, hang in there with me, as we work out wedding budget out (and my priorities) I’ll be seeing what I can do! Wedding people…I’ll be getting started soon on my wedding projects so check back often!


2 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Wedding Cosplay

  1. tickledtk says:

    I think cosplaying a wedding dress is a great idea! I’m not getting married anytime soon, but I have thought about these dresses as being inspiration for a wedding gown…. but then I think about what Yuna was going through in that dress. And I can’t say Ashe probably loves her dress after what happened.

    Which is all very morbid, sorry. We need to have a fantastic, purely happy Final Fantasy wedding in a game so I can fully display my obsession ^_^

    • Yuqi says:

      I totally agree with you D:!! It’s the one thing that usually holds me back from those cosplays is that….they must not have fond memories of those dresses >O<! What is Square Enix saying about brides?!

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