Monday Preparations

Good Morning!

How as everyone’s weekend? I’m kinda bummed because I wasn’t able to make it to my favorite con of the year! That’s right, I had to call it and stay home from Anime La, because Josh and I became raging sick. The idea of going to con, was out of the question-especially because 1. I didn’t want to spread my disease, 2. Con itself is a boiling pot of disease (con crud is a thing isn’t it?, and 3. It was pouring rain! I feel like it’s important to get out there and enjoy hobbies–but never at the expense of one’s health!

So, I spent the weekend hopped up on Theraflu, curled up under the blankets and playing Final Fantasy X until my eyeballs got sore. Good News? I’m going to be taking Sin on tonight! The best part though, is now that I FINALLY feel better, I’m ready to get to work again. Having days of much needed rest has left me recharged and ready to get to work (I seriously think the holidays burnt me out)! Here are some of the upcoming projects I’ve got to be working on!

For the Wedding DIY, I’ve decided to make this gorgeous wax paper backdrop for my own wedding! The link to the original tutorial can be found on Style Me Pretty.

5235e90c35321$!900x467But what would a cosplay blog be without my planned cosplays? I’m going to be finishing up Kamina soon; and I managed to find enough fabric to finish 1/2 of Yuna so yeah—that’s happening!


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