Wedding Time Saver: Address Stamps

In this day and age, I admit–I don’t have a lot of correspondence that is done through ‘snail’ mail anymore, until now. Weddings have an enormous amount of correspondence, and I learned my lesson from the Save the Dates. I’ve decided on purchasing an address stamp to do the rest of my correspondence, because it saves time and I no longer have to deal with the horrifying realization that I have messed up an envelope because I wrote the address wrong!

I also just thing they are so elegant, and I’m planning on collecting these as keepsakes for every time that Josh and I move around! Here are some of my favorite that I found around Etsy. You can purchase these on WeddingPaperDivas as well, but when I can afford to I love supporting makers and crafters on Etsy!

1. Sarah Types | $35.00
2. IsabellSumbrella | $25.00
3. Sixandgrand | $33.95+
4. MagnoliaLetterArts | $24.00+
5. PaperStreetPress | $27.00+


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