Wedding DIY Start!

Good morning guys!

I finally started my first DIY project for the wedding, I felt a little bit like Theoden looking out over the walls of Helm’s Deep, “So it begins T__T.” It turned out okay! My tip to people new to DIY or trying out DIYS for the first time is to always factor in about a day or two of simply testing things out–especially depending on how information/detailed the tutorial you’re following is. This particular tutorial I’m using is typical of a lot of the wedding ‘DIY’ instructions where they give you the info to replicate the technique, but maybe don’t give you much else. So either way, before you rush out spending tons of money on materials, buy a small sample first and then figure out what you’re doing before you start.20150115_221341I spent last night figuring out how big I was supposed to cut each piece, as well as if the wax paper is one piece or two layered together :3. In other news we beat Final Fantasy X for the first time last night, cried. CRIED HARDCORE. That was such a good game ; A ;!!! I’m even more excited now to get to work on Yuna + Tidus.


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