5 Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Let’s talk Bridesmaids, Brides. Let’s just say they go through a lot–and having been a bridesmaid, it’s actually startlingly expensive to be one! Not only that but they (hopefully) are doing this all with out a complaint, and when you look at what they go through…they deserve some recognition!

Please, don’t forget to thank your girls <3! I highly suggest you take into account how much each Bridesmaid is spending when figuring out your bridesmaid gift budget. (That includes dress + shoes + make up + travel costs + stress + time + bachelorette party, see what I’m getting at?)

To help save money, pick out what you’re getting early and watch out for those sales, I worked in retail for awhile–and learned that there is usually ALWAYS a sale. For smaller retailers, like on Etsy see if the shop owner wouldn’t be willing to bargain with you as they are getting a bulk order. Some places already sell sets as well!

1. Cute Flat ShoesshoesIf they’re wearing heels for the ceremony, give those girls some cute flats to change into over the course of the event! I suggest flats because …what girl doesn’t love shoes? The best part is? They can keep wearing them in their day to day wear! Personally I’m not a fan of flip-flops, because they wear out pretty quickly and TBH they’re probably only really practical for California bridesmaids who have gorgeous weather year round. I love Steve Madden, and Toms but Cathy Jean also has some great flats for cheaper!

These Toms run at about $50-60 and can be found here.

2. Getting Ready SetsplumprettysugarIf you’re determined to get that awesome getting ready picture of you and your girls in matching sets, why not just gift it to them? I think a PJ Set or getting ready robes are things that can be worn again and again, and can be thoughtful as well! Robes run at about $60-$70. Keep an eye out as well, because I’ve been looking at robes, and they’re pretty easy to make. For the DIY bride, I’m planning on uploading a DIY on how to make robes later on! Great places for these are Plum Pretty Sugar and Etsy.

This set by Plum Pretty Sugar for BHDLN runs at $45 for the set and can be found here.

3. Pamper Heril_fullxfull.517072163_j9ofIf you’re a little bit more budget, get her a relaxation kit! I mean let’s face it, dealing with the calmest of Brides can be a tad bit stressful, so why not thank her with the gift of relaxation? I love these eye masks, and I think they’d also be a very easy DIY project for the budget bride. Throw in some bubble bath, a lavender pillow, whatever you think they need and it’s a cute little gift basket!

This adorable sleep mask can be found at Naomilingerie for $21.77.

4. Pursesil_fullxfull.608260434_1licI said what girl doesn’t love shoes, well…what girl doesn’t love purses? The sky’s the limit here, you can get them everyday ones that they can continue using if you’re more practical. If you want your girls to have matching clutches for your wedding, buy those for them to! You can do it in your wedding colors (but please keep it subtle so they can actually reuse these guys) or you can give it to them in a basic neutral color. I actually also think that leather clutches are a great alternative to the fancy silk ones to!

This amazing clutch is fully customizable and can be found on Eclu for $68.

5. Jewelryil_fullxfull.683818465_9yy5See above statements and apply to here. You can get them matching sets, you can get them each their own special one! I love the delicacy and imagery that a wishbone necklace invokes, but you can get them whatever you want! One thing I would caution is just don’t cheap out too much. If the necklace is really really cheap, and you can afford it–throw in a bracelet or earrings–or a cute pouch to gift it in. Remember my friends, these bridesmaids are shelling out $$$$$ sometimes.

This wishbone necklace can be found on Haneelove for $13.

Just really give them anything! Just don’t forget to thank them for being a part of your big day <3! If you’re buying them something for the wedding to use, just make sure its practical enough to get use afterwards too :)!


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