Final Fantasy X: Yuna Progress

Sometimes it’s good to take a step back from the things stressing you out (in this instance, the wedding) and do what you love! So yesterday I finally sat down to work on Yunag. I’ve been planning this for years now, and it has always been a dream cosplay of mine! There’s something about Summoner Yuna that is just so beautiful, and intricate.20150119_231313Anyway, I started with the sleeves-because they are the simplest. The cotton sateen I bought was slightly too yellow so I bleached it slightly last night to get some of the yellow-ivory out. It’s going to be lined to add weight to the fabric, and then I’m going to be testing out the gradient dye  tonight. If you were curious, the finished dimensions I’m using are 12″ x 25″ with an additional 2″ around the upper arm. I feel like its still a little bit too small–for some reason, maybe its all an optical illusion, so either way I may remake the sleeves later. We’ll see!

P.S. I know that’s an image of Dissidia Yuna–and yes I am making more the FFX one, I just happened to have that on hand and never printed out the other one >>! They should be pretty similar though :3.


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