My #1 Tip on Planning a Wedding

Guys this is a big one. My #1 tip for planning the wedding, is at a certain point?


Bought the dress? Stop looking at other dresses, it’s just going to lead to dress envy. Found your venue? Stop looking at others–of course there will be ones that are cheaper/nicer/fantastic. There. will. always. be. other. fish. in. the. sea. Just remind yourself of how you felt when you found the dress! Think of what you loved so much about the venue. Remember that there is a good reason why you selected that budget and you will be a happier Bride.9121FBeyond that? The most important part is to STOP LOOKING AT WEDDING STYLE BLOGS. Not wedding blogs, but wedding style blogs that highlight other peoples weddings (i.e. Style Me Pretty, Green Wedding Shoes, Grey Likes Weddings). It’s just torture. At a certain point in the wedding process you should be past finding inspiration, which these blogs are great for and just be happy with what you have going for YOUR wedding–ESPECIALLY if you’re a budget bride. A huge number of those brides that are being featured have a bigger pocketbook then I think the normal bride has that is paying for their own wedding.20150103_141937Case in point? Smogshoppe and Marvimon that are constantly being highlighted as cool places to have weddings? I contacted them for a price sheet, let’s just say 10k rental for the day, not including anything (rentals, parking, caterers etc.). Those brides are no where in my comparison for my wedding budget, so looking at them constantly through my wedding planning process was making me envious and pushing my budget. It was causing me to feel like all those pretty things were SUPER necessary to a PRETTY wedding and after 3 months of this I said, enough is enough and I shut it down. I have not looked at either one of those sites for months now and have felt much happier and much more satisfied with what I have going on.smogshoppeI’m not saying it’s bad to go back and look at your favorites, I do still go to one or two specific posts that I pinned because I adore the style or feel of the wedding. Wedding advice blogs are great, especially the practical ones and DIY heavy ones. I love A Practical Wedding because they are very practical, budget friendly, and no-nonsense. Just stay away from the “look at these beautiful weddings and the bride has such great style doing this and this and look at this gorgeous photo”! If you must look, keep in mind that what they’re not telling you the $$$$ part so take everything with a huge grain of salt.

credits: allure bridals wedding dress, my picture of fullerton arboretum, smogshoppe site


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