Summoner Yuna: Sleeves + Quick Write-up

Good Morning!20150122_211753I finally got some work on Yuna, and I am ridiculously proud of these sleeves! I constantly forget how much I love the simple act of sewing, until I sit down at the machine and work on a project. For her sleeves I got an off-white/cream colored cotton sateen that I bleached to soften the yellow. Then while I was trying it out I felt it was too light weight, so I scrounged around and found I had a matching white cotton sateen that I had bought a while ago for a different project! So it is lined with cotton sateen as well.

This is just a quick write-up on them, I’ll probably do an in-depth one later! Basically we just scaled the sleeve (which is btw. shorter then a typical kimono sleeve, on me with my height of 5’2″ it came out to be 25″ long) and about 12″ wide. When scaling Yuna’s fore arm is ‘anime proportioned’ small so I widened the sleeve to cover my elbow in the drop. I also added another two inches to go around my upper arm. The opening for my hand is about 8″. (Note: these measurements are the finished measurements, seam allowance not included).

Putting it together was rather simple, I cut out 2 each of the sleeve, once in cream and once in cotton. Then I serged the edges together so that I was only working with ‘1’ piece as opposed to 2, and to finish the raw edges. If you don’t have a serger I would suggest doing this as a bag lining instead to cover your raw edges. Then take bias binding, or make some bias binding and sew down the loops around the upper arm for the purple cord to go through. Fold under and sew down you arm opening, then just sew the whole thing together!

You’re done!

Sorry that was so quick, I’ll rewrite it later, but for those who understood my rambling I hope it helps!



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