Summoner Yuna Progress: Obi-tastic!

Morning everyone!

I’ve been working away on Yuna, admittedly there’s a teensy bit of guilt that I’m shirking  my Wedding DIY’s–but I was drained and we have reached a small hitch with invitations, as in ‘what the hell should we get?!’. I’m sure it’ll pass.
20150127_221001Either way, I’m pretty excited with how quickly Yuna is actually coming together! I have the Obi prepped for tracing and painting today, hopefully! I may need to go buy some fabric paint, but really this may also be a mockup test paint. The gorgeous obi pattern is from Wiredclover over on Deviantart–I take no credit for this fabulosity and am forever greatful!20150127_213350For anyone interested, the yellow obi fabric I used is left over yellow fabric from one of my first cosplays ever! That’s right you guessed it! Jane Porter from Tarzan <3! The Yellow is a silk dupioni that I went ahead and overlocked to some white cotton duck I also had lying around. I wanted to add more stiffness and body to the fabric :3.


2 thoughts on “Summoner Yuna Progress: Obi-tastic!

    • Yuqi says:

      Hello! I’m transferring it on, because I am the worlds worst artist :’D! I’m using the graphite paper to trace it on and hopefully that’ll work! It’s my first time :3

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