Summoner Yuna Obi Progress

20150129_200738MORE OBI PROGRESS! I’ve been trucking away at transferring the obi pattern to the fabric, and it’s been a fairly easy progress. It’s taking a bit longer then expected because of the slubbing in my fabric, and the thickness of my paper–but it’s been pretty calming. I’ve been screeching belting out show tunes from Les Mis and Phantom while I’m tracing so it’s been a musical experience! As you can see above, Chip has been enjoying my dulcet tones.20150128_213258I kinda like this process, and if I weren’t trying to do this so budget (as in stuff that I already had on hand) I would totally splurge on some neat heat transfer pens that I was reading about (which seem AMAZEBALLS), but I figured as I had everything on hand I’d try giving this technique a shot :3. Hopefully I only need one more night to trace the other end of the pattern and then onto the paint!



7 thoughts on “Summoner Yuna Obi Progress

      • Evelyn**Link says:

        I agree, but I’m 9 months pregnant and playing the waiting game right now (come on baby, you can come out now) and I don’t know how useful it would be to start cosplaying when I’m going to shrink immensely in the next few weeks haha!

        I need to though! I’m so excited to start sewing and cosplaying again. I’m having withdrawals. D:

      • Yuqi says:

        WOAH! SEE YOU ARE CREATING LIFE, which is so much cooler then creating cosplay! I’m so excited for you and congratulations >O<! I'm excited for when you can start cosplaying again too though! Do you already have one in mind? 😀

      • Evelyn says:

        LOL yeah it is pretty cool I gotta admit. And I now have a Cosplay buddy forever mwahahaha!

        I want to Cosplay Rarity and have the baby be spike, and then I’m also working on sailor moon (no Chibi moon though, because that would be weird with a baby boy haha). I have a bunch I’m planning right now. I’ve been itching to Cosplay since the middle of being pregnant, when I finally got too big to cosplay. D:

      • Evelyn says:

        Oh that would work! I could be Venus and he could be Artemis! It’s funny that this reply popped up though, because I literally just gave birth to him yesterday and I’m about to head home with him! I’m so excited to be tiny again OMG haha!

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