Etsy: 5 Fun Wedding Invitations

Hello guys!

I’ve been looking through sooo many wedding invitations that everything is starting to blur together before me, so I decided to do a post of some of my recent favorites invites! I love all these invitations because they’re quirky, unique and fun! Some of these are aspirational and some of these are actually incredibly affordable <3.il_fullxfull.514523776_4dm91. Penguin Books Wedding Invitations

When I first saw these invitations by FeelGoodInvites I just about had a heart attack, because who doesn’t love books? As my fiancee and I are avid book lovers, I saw these invitations and swooned! I love that you can get them folded over like the real thing! These babies are also quite affordable, and with the printable PDF file coming in at $55, and the invitations coming in at $1.44 if you purchase 100!

For more super cool invitations, please visit their shop here and for more pricing you can go here!il_fullxfull.711505369_rjbg (1)2. MASH Themed Wedding Invitations

Loudhouse Creative‘s creations took me all the way back to elementary school! I remember playing this game as a little girl. I also think its super fun how you can pick movie star names or such to fill in the other blanks! I find this such a fun and carefree take on wedding invitations. It really sets the mod I.M.O. My only sadness was that these invitations were out of our price range coming in at $4.00 each if you purchase 100. This does come with both the R.S.V.P and wedding invitation though!

For other fun invitations check out more of her work here!il_fullxfull.621570217_1qjq3. Polaroid Invitation Suite

Ello There‘s invitation is simple, but the packaging is just to die for! This would be a great invitation set for those of you who have gorgeous photos that just want to share! I love how simple it is all packaged together, and bold at the same time! This suite is actually one that I think most dudes wouldn’t mind getting behind either. The one teeny tiny issue may be that this suite is also slightly aspirational, with the full set coming in at $6.50 per invitation. This does come with all the envelopes and RSVP card as well though.

For more of their work check them out here!il_fullxfull.566602189_43d44. Lord of the Rings Lembas Wedding Suite

We have arrived at quite possibly MY FREAKING FAVORITE WEDDING INVITATION. If you didn’t know this about me I am a HUGE LOTR fan and when I saw these invitations I just about wept. They’re just SO GORGEOUS! I love the idea of wrapping them like Lembas bread! Whats best is I love the elegance and simplicity of the design. Sometimes it can be rough trying to find a subtle and elegant fandom design for invitations and this one definitely does it right! These are also probably the most expensive cards (but totally worth it IMO if you can afford it), coming in at $7.10 per invitation if you buy 100.

For other great fandom invitations check out onelittlem’s work here.il_fullxfull.585221970_rfh85. Star Wars Invitation Suite

I find EartherealDesigns Invitations to be a fun modern take on fandom invitations! They’re too adorable and I love how unique the movie poster set up is! These are also incredibly affordable with the printable PDF starting at $40. She can also customize it for you if you’d like!

For more of her work, check her out here.


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