Wedding Sewing: Dress Patterns

20150205_192814So, I’ve been neglecting my wedding progress-but I finally kicked my ass into gear to get going on my sewing! First of all–I am NOT making my wedding dress. I found it a great deal of unnecessary stress, and to my mind I wanted to finally be able to buy myself a beautiful dress that I didn’t have to make! Don’t get me wrong I love making and sewing things, but this one time I wanted to wear something that I didn’t have to make. Besides–now I have a dress to wear and it doesn’t matter if I don’t meet my deadline! I won’t be naked! I also really wanted that experience of shopping with my mom and going to try dresses on :3.

Buuuut despite all that, I am going to be making two dresses! In Chinese weddings it is customary to change dresses, and as I really couldn’t afford to buy any more dresses, I have decided to make the other two! I am making a red qipao to change into at the wedding, because I think they’re beautiful and I love them! I am also making a second dress to wear at my day after shoot. Of course I’m not 100% sure I’ll be able to get away with wearing it….as its going to be at Disneyland but whatevs~! I’m going to make it anyway! Here are the two pattterns I’m starting with, both bought off of Etsy here and herelacefishtailcheongsamqipaochineseweddingdress6258a9b0800x800The sheath dress I’m going to be heavily modifying as the qipao patterns I saw seemed to rely on darts, but a lot of the dresses also seem to utilize princess seams.The ballgown is actually for my day after shoot, and I’m currently planning on making it out of a cotton floral. I haven’t quite picked out the florals yet, but I was determined to have a floral ballgown at some point in this wedding fiasco! Anyway wish me luck! So far I have cut one pattern out, and tonight I’m hoping on getting the second pattern cut out. Then on to the mock-ups!
Love and peace guys <3.


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