RWBY: Ruby Cosplay

Morning guys.

Recently as I’m sure every one knows, Monty Oum passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. I didn’t have the good fortune of knowing him, but I knew people who did and I saw all the posts and all I can say is I have the greatest respect for him as not only did he create amazing things–but he also most importantly seemed  like a great guy. I think my generation grew up on Dead Fantasy, and he really introduced me and a whole bunch of other people how you could really make such cool things! I still rewatch Dead Fantasy to this day, because OHMYGOD is it cool!

Unfortunately I never got around to watching RWBY, but I finally sat down to watch it yesterday and it’s AMAZING! I’m so sad that I didn’t watch the show sooner, and that I didn’t ever get to meet him! Not only that but it’s just beautiful and I decided that the best way I could think of to honor Monty Oum, would be to cosplay Ruby. Its his work, its his creation, and to my mind it still lives on. If you haven’t seen RWBY  yet, please check it out on Netflix or RoosterTeeth!6wZUCUol


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