Wedding Invites: AT LAST!

il_fullxfull.658162837_ikfmIt’s Wedding Wednesdays! (Let’s see how long I can keep this up right?) Today I’m super excited because we FINALLY decided on our wedding invitations. It’s been forever, and I’ve seen SO MANY wedding invitations at this point. You would think that this was just a teeny tiny insignificant detail of the wedding but for some reason it was way harder to decide on then anything else! Possibly because a huge percentage of wedding invitations are a whopping $$$$$. Like really, I don’t have a $1k+ budget JUST to spend on Wedding Invites + RSVP’s. I wish I did but then, I probably wouldn’t be planning my own wedding either. I’d be a queen just sitting on a cloud and pointing and telling people what I wanted :3.il_fullxfull.658162879_9cl9Anyway in the end I’m hugely happy with them, and so far the seller has been incredible! They have been quick to respond and incredibly easy to work with! My full review will come when I receive the invites–because you never know. I’m not too worried though >D! My advice though to all brides would be to DEFINITELY get samples of the invites. I ordered a few samples that I thought would look gorgeous and expensive IRL because they did online, but damn that photoshop can be misleading! When I received them I was hugely disappointing and they were definitely not worth the $$$. For these invites they were not my fiancee’s favorite, in fact there were others that he liked more, but when we received them this was a CLEAR standout.

If you’re interested you can check them out on Etsy at Feel Good Invites!


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