Anna Coronation Gown

Hi guys!

This is from early last year, but I couldn’t believe I had never posted a picture of the finished costume! I’ve had this picture sitting on my desktop, so I thought I’d share it :3.20140606_231048It’s made from silk dupioni for the skirt, and the bodice is a silk velvet. I’m probably going to remake the bodice at some point thought because it’s kind of wretched in the back :3. The skirt though I love! It’s 40+ hours of embroidery on the machine! I have a basic breakdown of how I drafted the pleated circle skirt here and all the embroidery files located here! A quick write up is here for it.


8 thoughts on “Anna Coronation Gown

  1. Miriam Munford says:

    Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about doing some cosplay – both because it’s awesome and to get me doing more sewing. What really got me interested was Neo in RWBY although I don’t think I’m up to trying a corset yet! A “simple” dress, like Anna’s coronation one would be fine though she says optimistically. I absolutely LOVE yours and would like to do something similar. You said it took 40+ hours of embroidery on a machine though which is really worrying: I do not have an embroidery machine and cannot justify or afford one. In a clutching at straws moment I wondered if you might have a guestimate as to how long it would take to do it by hand although I’m sure that’s a very difficult question to answer. Details like real embroidery make so much of a difference to how a costume looks though and I really want to do something quality rather than tacky. I may well have to keep thinking but any advice you could give me would be hugely appreciated. Many thanks

    • Yuqi says:

      Hey Miriam! I just wanted to let you know that I saw your comment, but I’m at work so I will definitely get back to you once I have more time :)! Let me do some thinking because I totally understand the problem of not having an embroidery machine!

    • Yuqi says:

      I love cosplay (as you can see) and I think it’s a great hobby! So I’m fully behind you getting into it :3. Neo does have a wonderful design, and I love how it all looks, especially her hair!

      For Anna, I don’t know how long it would take to hand embroider suffice to say that it could take up to a year just to embroider. I do have a kimono that I am off and on again hand embroidering, which is sakura blossoms and if I remember accurately it takes me about an hour just to do one petal out of five. I do think that there are some great other options that look just as nice and good go faster if you don’t have a machine :3. I’ve seen very lovely coronation Anna’s that are painted, or you could try doing applique and then satin stitching around each of the sections with your machine. If you really really want to hand embroider, I do personally feel that starting with the bodice would be the best because it would go quicker and I think have the most impact!

      Either way I say go for it, my only warning would be that to hand embroider her skirt would be a huge undertaking and you may not finish it for a really really long time–but once it’s finished it would be gorgeous and an heirloom piece :3.

      • Miriam Munford says:

        Thank you very much for replying, I really appreciate it. You’ve definitely confirmed my thoughts that hand embroidering would not be the most sensible idea I’ve ever had. I hadn’t even thought about applique although I don’t quite know how I forgot that it existed! I will definitely have a play around and see if I can make something I like. This is very much in the early planning stages and I want to have a fairly good idea of what I’m planning before I properly start. You’ve helped me get a few steps closer (or a few miles if you remove the hours and hours of hand stitching I might have tried to do) and I’ll let you know what I end up doing – eventually…

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