RWBY | Ruby: Shoes

rwbyI finally sat down to work on Ruby and I can’t wait to get started! This project is pretty exciting for us, and not just because we love the series! In fact I’m super bummed that I didn’t sit down to watch it sooner! It’s FANTASTIC, and an exhilarating to watch! On a random note, I am definitely the type of cosplayer/person who doesn’t start working on a costume until I can figure out at least part of the costume! Not gonna lie, even though this costume is fairly simple I was walking around for about a week wondering how to go about it because–confession I am TERRIBLE at simple costumes. At least I believe I am :’D! So, inevitably I start over-thinking things and over complicating things, but inspiration finally hit and it was for /drumroll please/ her shoes!bootI’ve ordered her shoes and I am impatiently waiting for them to get here from San Diego (dear ebay shipping, I know that you said 2/24 but really? your city is 2 hours drive from me, please get here sooner<–lol spoiled and impatient!) Anyway, here is the basic shoe, it is a black combat boot, with most importantly the ankle strap already built into the shoe. I plan on simply removing the top strap, relacing the whole shoe in red, and painting the bottom grip in red with my left over red Yoko boots paint (HUZZAH FOR REUSING SUPPLIES!). I’m contemplating on buying black paint to paint the whole boot a darker black. The red ruff around the top, I’ve seen a lot of people do it as a shoe and I’m debating. I’m kind of thinking of doing it as a boot sock…so its more fabricy, or just using velcro to tack it in. I’m a bit unsure about that part right now. Admittedly I do think the boot may be a bit too tall but I’m pretty sure it won’t be too hard to cut it down to size 8D!

Keep an eye out! I’m getting to work on this costume, so I’ll try and upload some in progress tutorials!! (…that is if my boots come in, /sits down to stare at my mailbox).

credits: boots are unionbay brand.


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