RWBY: Ruby’s Cloak

What up guys! Happy Chinese New Years! <3!

I’m spending tonight celebrating the season with my family because my little brother had class until 10 yesterday night! (Major BOOOOO~), but I managed to get work done! I found some left over ultrasuede from Kamina’s cloak, and decided that it would be fab-O-lous for Ruby’s cloak! With the wedding expenses, I’m trying to be as thrifty as possible for this cosplay! So I mocked up her cloak yesterday and was reminded just why mock-ups are so important!20150218_084051 This is the first time where I’ve drafted a cloak, typically my previous cloaks have been variations of circle cloaks (Kamina), or based off of extant period patterns (Belle)–but this time I drafted the cloak because Ruby’s cloak really isn’t a Circle cloak. I was stumped by the hood because a lot of the tutorials and patterns were SUPER UNCLEAR about how the hell it worked; but, once I basted everything together it ALL MADE SENSE! The mock-up turned out okay, not great, but definitely not what I wanted!20150218_222211So I did some math (the horror), and I have a new working pattern that I’m going to try again either tonight (if I have time, because guys I L-O-V-E my New Years Hot Pot), or tomorrow. In other exciting news, my shoes finally shipped! FINGERS CROSSED GUYS that it’ll get here soon :3.20150218_223735


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