Bridesmaid Gifts: Customized Shoes!

Good morning y’alls!

I recently posted about suggestions for Bridesmaid’s gifts, and I wanted to share what I went with! I decided that even though I loved the look of Toms and glitter flats, I wanted something more personal and unique, so naturally I realized CUSTOMIZED SHOES! This was doable too because really they only came out to about $10-20 more then if I had purchased TOMS for everyone.  I spent hours browsing through Etsy trying to find someone who was affordable, with great reviews, and whose style I absolutely loved and I found the amazing Annatar.icm_fullxfull.54683661_fgkvtstdl3c4cgswck84Earlier this week I got the images back of the first finished pair of shoes and I’m in heaven! I absolutely love them, AND they’re in my wedding colors. It was such an easy painless process and I would definitely highly recommend her. Not only was she super fast but also really easy to work with as well! She customized the shoe based on the wedding colors and the things I liked, and I just can’t wait to see them IRL. I seriously can’t wait to show my girls, and I hope that they love them!

If you want to check out her work, her etsy shop is here!


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