Merry Monday Guys!

Good morning y’alls!IMG_20150222_175546I had a much needed restful weekend, of fabulous food, friends and company! As you can see a great weekend of no shoes and enjoying the weather. Which means I am back in action and super excited, last week was a …INTERESTING…week to say the least but today I’m back and ready to take on the month! My wedding is creeping ever closer like Saruman’s Uruk-hai about ready to lay siege to the gates of Helm’s Deep, but I think I got this. My friends are with me, and I’m sure I’ll last the night! I got the wedding invitations in the mail, and they are RAD, tonight we’ll be making envelope liners and those bad boy’s will be out by the end of this weekend. I got my gold pen, my washi tape, and this girl is ready to get some invites done!

We also have a ‘surprise’ wedding craft that we’re currently working on, and all the supplies came in. I call it a surprise because I’m mainly not sure how it’ll work out–it will either be AMAZING, or TERRIBLE. I find that there’s very little in between sometimes when it comes to newly attempted craft making :3.

On the cosplay front…I have almost all the fabric gathered for Ruby, and I expect to have her cloak done this week :3. My go to fabric store stopped carrying my beloved ultra sateen (trust me guys, I had a serious moment), but I did manage to find another source online, so I have high hopes of recovering from this minor set back. I did find a new fabric for her cloak though, because I wasn’t super feeling the suede–and I picked up a pretty awesome black microfiber fabric that I think will do great for her dress. Her boots should be coming in soon too so I am beyond excited.

Until tomorrow guys! Despite the fact its Monday, I hope you guys have a terrific day!


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