RWBY Cloak: Final Mock Up!

Yesterday night we were working up a storm! Mocking up all the things :3. By the end of the night I was calling it Mock-Up Monday Madness! WOOAH!!! ooooooh! Don’t worry, it definitely sounds way cooler then it was!cloak mockup finalAfter a couple hood mock ups + tweaking the steepness of the curve on her cloak, I finally finalized the pattern/fit of Ruby’s cloak. The hood had been giving me some problems, but I think we finally figured it out! I can’t actually put the hood on, but ….Ruby rarely puts it up anyway! Outside of her trailer that is :P! 20150223_232509Josh was also busy doing mock-ups on our wedding envelope liners (mock-up ALL THE THINGS). I can’t stress enough how worth it, it is to make samples of things. It only saves heart-ache–unless you’re just that good at mentally visualizing what you want and creating that IRL on the first try. For others and me, mock-ups are life savers! There are always little things you don’t notice until you see it visually put together and it makes it easier to then move on to the final project (read: expensive hero fabrics and supplies/paper).

And just for funs…who doesn’t put on a cape and TWIRL!? I couldn’t resist!20150223_230850See ya guys later! Tomorrow? FINISHED CAPE & PATTERN! (If everything goes smoothly!)


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