RWBY Progress: Boots and Cloak!

Hey guys,20150224_205933_resizedOn a random note, I seriously apologize for how super sucky my blog post titles are! Anyway~~ Yesterday I was busy cutting out the Ruby Cloak from my fashion/hero/final fabric, and let me tell you–it was both terrifying and exhilarating! Like-“OH GOD I CUT IT, BUT NOW THERE’S NO GOING BACK AND I LOVE IT”. I had just enough time last night to cut out the fabric + pin everything together so tonight I’m ready and prepped to sew that sucker together! I ran into a teeny, TINY bit of trouble when cutting out the hood, thinking I didn’t have enough fabric but it worked out! Huzzah!20150224_215943_resizedIn other exciting news my Ruby boots also came in, and it was a tiny bit underwhelming :’>! Oh ebay sometimes you can be heart-wrenching. There were some issues with the shoes that weren’t described in the listing (like a zipper pull being broken) but I’m not too horrendously bothered as I was heavily planning on altering them anyway! I went ahead and did some super fast adjustments to one boot (taking off the top strap, and cutting it down to the correct height).20150224_222129_resizedAnd because I couldn’t resist, I threw the boots on + the pinned cloak just for FUN!! It’s really coming together nee~?test


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