Weekend Roundup: RWBY + Wedding

20150302_072637_resizedI hope you guys all had a great weekend! I actually had a progress filled weekend as I ran about trying to get a bunch of stuff done and prepped for the blog. I know that sounds weird, but since I work during the daylight hours it’s hard to get good pictures with nice lighting ^O^! So I’m attempting to blow through most of my progress during the weekend and just share it through out the week. Hopefully that works out–if not, well then it’s back to my good old yellowed pictures >P! To be honest it’ll probably be a mish-mash of nice and bad pictures :’D.20150302_072714_resizedAnyway I’m almost finished with one of Ruby’s boots! I just need to add the ruffle around the top, here you can see it next to the original boot. I did it like this so I could 1. make sure it works, and 2. share the tutorial with you guys later! Overall it turned out much better then expected >3! I also started stuffing and prepping my invitations and you’ll be getting some tutorials and tips on that as well! Here’s a little sneak peak :3.20150301_112439_resized


3 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup: RWBY + Wedding

  1. thegeekoutletllc says:

    I love RWBY! I’m really looking forward to a 3rd series – though I know that it’s slow going since one of their writers died. 😦

    After watching it, I looked up some cosplayers and let me just say: some people have taken it to some wonderfully sickening extremes and I’m quite jealous!

    Can’t wait to see the rest of your costume and read the tutorial.

    • Yuqi says:

      Hi! I know I LOVE RWBY, I wish I had gotten into it sooner >O<! I totally agree about the cosplayers, there are soooo many great cosplays out there of RWBY *O*. I hope I can live up to them :3.

      • thegeekoutletllc says:

        Don’t feel bad about not getting into it sooner! I just discovered it a couple of weeks ago on Netflix and watched all of it in 2 days. Now, I’m looking into doing a cosplay outfit on it (like you), even though I’m supposed to be working on my version of a Hiei outfit. And there are a couple more I would like to work on…. I wish I had more time so that I could do them all!

        And from the looks of it, your cosplay is coming along nicely!

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