Wedding DIY: Envelope Liners

So as I mentioned before, I got my wedding invitations in last week and over the weekend I finally sat down to work on them. To be very honest with you, I find it really hard to justify spending $$$$$$ on wedding invitations on a tight budget. I can’t help but feel that most people really don’t care about the invitations-they open them, and throw them away. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have expensive, personalized invitations on a tight budget though! It just takes a little bit more time and elbow grease.20150301_112855_resizedThe first thing I did to fancify my invitations was to make envelope liners. It adds a really nice sparkle to the whole shebang for very little  money. With a Joann’s coupon it cost about $28 to buy enough materials to make envelope liners for 70 invitations, which breaks down to about 40 cents an invite–totally worth it. I chose a bright glittery gold because it’s one of our wedding colors, and the traditional wedding color of a chinese wedding. I know a lot of other tutorials suggest using wrapping paper, or cardstock but we ended up using an adhesive backed cardstock :3.

Anyway to the tutorial!

Supplies:20150301_1128081. envelopes
2. envelope liners
3. scissors

1. To make the envelope liners, take scrap paper and trace your envelope then simply leave room for a margin and cut out. Test it out on your envelope before cutting out the rest. When you finalize the liner, cut it out of a cardstock. You can use scissors or an exacto knife to cut out the liners, just be careful. We ended up buying a cameo paper cutter recently, so we ran ours through that.20150301_112235_resized2. Do not remove the adhesive backing, and slide into the envelope while making sure the liner is centered and positioned correctly.20150301_1123083. Carefully fold down the top of the envelope and the liner, making sure not to let the liner shift.20150301_112326_resized4. Open up the envelope and now there should be a crease in your liner.20150301_1123385. Carefully peel away the adhesive backing and then cut along the crease you just made with your scissors. Then press down now carefully placing the sticky back of the liner against your envelope.20150301_112439_resized8. You’re done!20150301_112156_resized


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